With high-speed Internet connectivity becoming more common in homes and businesses, your alarm system has a stable, secure way to communicate with the Central Station. By utilizing your existing high-speed Internet connection, your alarm system will alert the Central Station instantaneously in the event of an emergency just as it would if it were dialing in over a phone line.

Of course with Internet Protocol (IP) there is no number to dial. You get the speed of the Internet and the security of a supervised, secure connection. Here are a few reasons why an IP based system may be the right choice for you:

  • security cameras are digital, therefore can be high resolution
  • IP connections are standard for ease of installation
  • digital signal does not degrade over distance as with analog
  • IP cameras have greater intelligence and features
  • systems are fully integrated with many functions in a single cable
  • IP systems are modular – easy to scale
  • potentially lower cost over analog systems
  • modern open standards = new possibilities

A Customized IP based security solution, configured and installed by AFS, offers all the options you would expect from a web based platform, including access from any location via a web browser.