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AFS Integrators has contracted with to produce a new, search friendly, integrated web presence (IWP). “After reviewing the results of a recent site project launched by, we were impressed enough to move forward with their proposal,” stated Joe Duncan, President of AFS Integrators.

Local web developers at have been serving Tallahassee businesses with web design, hosting and web development projects since 2001. “Our Eastern European partners at Proteus Themes developed the theme we are using for AFS” Stated Wil Martindale of “Their Site Origin and custom widgets make use of category integration – which in turn improves organic search results”.

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IP Alarm Systems

IP Alarm Systems

With high-speed Internet connectivity becoming more common in homes and businesses, your alarm system has a stable, secure way to communicate with the Central Station. By utilizing your existing high-speed Internet connection, your alarm system will alert the Central Station instantaneously in the event of an emergency just as it would if it were dialing in over a phone line.

Of course with Internet Protocol (IP) there is no number to dial. You get the speed of the Internet and the security of a supervised, secure connection. Here are a few reasons why an IP based system may be the right choice for you:

  • security cameras are digital, therefore can be high resolution
  • IP connections are standard for ease of installation
  • digital signal does not degrade over distance as with analog
  • IP cameras have greater intelligence and features
  • systems are fully integrated with many functions in a single cable
  • IP systems are modular – easy to scale
  • potentially lower cost over analog systems
  • modern open standards = new possibilities

A Customized IP based security solution, configured and installed by AFS, offers all the options you would expect from a web based platform, including access from any location via a web browser.

GSM Network Backed Alarm Systems

GSM Cellular Alarm Systems

Switch to Wireless Monitoring!

Cellular wireless monitoring allows AFS to monitor your existing alarm system without a phone line. Instead of your alarm system being tied to a phone line, which can easily be cut and disabled, we add a GSM transmitter to your alarm that communicates with our 24 Hour dispatch center through advanced GSM cellular networks.

Go ahead, drop the land line and start saving money. Once you convert to cellular monitoring, your alarm system no longer needs a phone line to communicate with our monitoring center. Families save hundreds of dollars a year by going completely wireless with cellular monitoring.

Ultimate Security

If your phone line goes down, gets cut, or your power goes out, with our GSM transmitter you are still covered. Our transmitters offer ultimate security with digital encryption, and dual band GSM capability. Unlike your cell phone, our GSM transmitters have access to  major networks like AT&T, and other carriers. We always test and check coverage at your home.
Give us a call to find out more about the advantages of GSM.

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